Wooden Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins

We have plenty of sizes, diameters and lengths of wood dowel pins in stock in both metric and fractional sizes. Saunders Bros. is the only US manufacturer who consistently stocks this many sizes and varieties.

Continuous technical innovation stands behind the production of every wooden dowel pin. We've engineered our tooling to ensure a deeply grooved, fluted dowel that affords it maximum performance and the greatest flexibility possible. (We make spiral groove wooden dowel pins too.)

We have the most sophisticated automated, quality-control inspection system in the industry called Pin-Scan®

Pin-Scan® is a unique system developed by Saunders Brothers, that electronically inspects every manufactured wood pin for imperfections. Each pin is scanned for proper length, diameter, chamfer, accurate volume count, and freedom from sawdust. This reduces your machinery jamming, production downtime, product damage and inaccurate pin counts. It also ensures you a defect reject rate of less than .2%; saving you downtime and dollars.

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Stock fractional Dowel Pin sizes:

Metric Pin Sizes: